Questions we are frequently asked. If we have not covered any questions you might have you can contact us at any time 

How long will the unit last ?

The unit should last for many years as it is designed using basic materials, the cabinet is Zinc phosphate treated and then powder coated.

A battery should last at least two to three years as the system has over voltage charging protection and also a low voltage drop out circuit preventing over discharge.

How long will a LED bulb last without replacing ?

Approximately 30,000 hrs

How many lamps can I run from a Standard Commanda unit with a 15 watt solar panel ?

Maximum of 6 lights

What is the largest solar panel that I can put on a system ?

It doesn’t matter what size solar panel as internal circuitry prevents a battery over charge

How do I expand the system ?

You can buy our EXPANDA unit with a link cable, this allows a small 220 volt ac device such as hair clippers, or a small 12 volt dc tv. It is avisable to add another solar panel as well.

How do I run the kWela sound system ?

The kWela sound system comes with a charge cable designed for the charger in the front of the COMMANDA?

Can I plug a cigarette lighter in the COMMANDA?

NO it will not work !

Can I run a fridge from the COMMANDA?

No not at this stage, however Tundra Force Engineers are developing a suitable product to run from the COMMANDA system.

How long does it take to charge a system ?

With a standard COMMANDA set, 15 watt solar panel, 2 lights and a cell charger, a rule of thumb is if it runs for 3 hours charge for 3 hours in the sun.

If I want to use in a farm compound, how do I prevent theft ?

You are advised to use the AGRI LIGHT, this allows several units to be connected to a single large solar panel.